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Buyer’s Advisory

The Realtor’s primary role in the process of buying a home is to provide those services required to locate the property and negotiate the sale. Once having achieved that goal, their responsibilities shift to offering advice on matters related to the transaction and doing whatever might be necessary to expedite the overall process.

Realtors are, unfortunately, not qualified to discover defects or evaluate the physical condition of property. However, they can help you find qualified inspectors to assist you and can obtain documents and tap other resources that might provide important information about the property you’ve chosen.

Ultimately, the formal decision as to what constitutes effective due diligence is up to the buyers themselves. After all, every buyer has a different perspective on what is important and while concerns about such issues as schools, CC&R’s, flood plains, etc. might be vital to one individual, they may be of marginal importance to others.

However, to insure that everyone is at least aware of the available options, the Arizona Association of Realtors has prepared a Buyer Advisory listing most of the common issues that a buyer might decide to investigate or verify on their own. These include common documents a buyer should review, physical issues related to the property that a buyer might want to investigate and conditions affecting the surrounding area that the buyer may want to check out.

If there are any special concerns the buyer may have about the property or the surrounding area that are not addressed in the advisory, we’d be happy to help you find the answers that you need.

To view the buyer’s advisory, please click on the image above or the following link.

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